THE BOOB RING backstory

THE BOOB RING backstory

Introducing THE BOOB RING.


This year (June 2020) marks 20 years since the most important person in my life passed away, my Mum. She young when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 33 and it eventually took her life. My mum was a single parent to myself who was 12 at the time and my brother who was 9. This changed our lives irrevocably and her death as much as I never wanted it to define me or my life, I would be lying if I said it hasn’t done just that.


I am approaching 33 years old this year. So, this upcoming birthday along with the 20 year anniversary of her passing has led me to this point.


The release of “The Boob Ring”


My intention with this ring is for it to be a tribute to all who have faced breast cancer; be it a diagnosis themselves or stood in solidarity with a loved one as they fought this disease. To forever remember those who are no longer with us. A tribute for those who have remained strong and brave throughout the storm. A badge of honour to those who have breasts, to be more forgiving to ourselves and to work towards being able to love our bodies regardless of how they make us feel.


This ring is a conversation starter. A reminder to check your boobs. A prompt to talk to your mate about checking their boobs. Let’s become more aware of bodies and be accountable for checking in with one another. Breast cancer isn’t just for those in a certain age bracket. 


This design is not representative of all boobs. I know this. Some have scars, some aren’t there anymore, some have implants, some have fed babies, some are big, small, floppy, perky, etc. Further designs are to become available as time goes on to be inclusive and represent a broader spectrum.


A 20% portion of each sale of “The Boob Ring will be donated to So Brave. An amazing organisation who do incredible work dedicated to breast cancer diagnoses in women under the age of 40.

I am only able to represent and reflect upon my own experience, to which I was just a bystander to. If you ever feel the need to talk about your experience, I am here.


Sending love,

Linzie x


Links for some amazing resources:


Self awareness:

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Statistics and information on breast cancer rates in young women:

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Information regarding prevention:

Resource regarding risk factors and screening and for trans and gender diverse people:

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