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Dog nose impression/imprint kit 9ct Gold - PENDANT ONLY -

Dog nose impression/imprint kit 9ct Gold - PENDANT ONLY -

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Capture your four legged best friends' unique nose print and turn it into a completely unique pendant!

Please note this is for a pendant only, no chain is included. 

How it works:

Upon receiving your kit you will find two wax balls (per pendant) along with instructions on how to create the impression.

The wax is very soft and malleable once heated. The great thing about the wax is that if you make a mistake or it doesn't turn out, you can roll it up and reuse it!

Once soft, you will press the wax ball gently into your dog's nose where the largest surface area is. You will remove it and should see that their nose print has transferred on to the wax.

This process is gentle, quick and painless. Providing you press gently your dog will be comfortable and happy enough. Please ensure your dog does not eat the wax, though I am sure they have eaten worse and survived it's best to avoid it! 

You can add or remove wax from your sample depending on what size works best for your dog. 

How you return the wax will be how your pendant will turn out in precious metal. If required, I tidy up and trim the wax and make it into the shape that is pictured above. I attach a bail (loop) to the pendant so it can be threaded on to a chain. I also clean it up to make it shiny and beautiful! 

If for any reason the impression cannot be obtained or it simply isn't working, you can try a paw print which is considerably easier if your dog is not cooperating!

Enjoy the process and give your dog a pat for me! 

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