Pet stories - How Kirsty and Corey became best friends!

Pet stories - How Kirsty and Corey became best friends!

Words by Kirsty Dillon.

I found Corey at a rescue in South Carolina and started fostering him in February of 2017, with the full intention of helping him to get adopted. He was about 1 year old at the time and had been abused and then abandoned before the rescue found him. Because of the start to his life, he is afraid of strangers, especially men, but from the first car ride home, he has always stuck by my side. Within the first few weeks of fostering Corey and taking him to adoption events (which I pretty quickly started skipping lol), I realised that I couldn’t give him up. Since then, we’ve been inseparable!

Luckily, I work for my family’s business so he gets to come to work with me everyday, play with my parent’s two rescue pit bulls, and keep an eye on everything I’m doing. He is still very wary of strangers and people other than me paying him too much attention (he finds attention very suspicious lol) but he truly is the best dog. Anywhere or anything that I am doing he wants to be with me and is my big headed protective shadow. He is the ultimate loaf and LOVES to lay like a lizard in the sun, or as I like to call him, Sun Dog. Your work immediately connected with me as well because Corey loves to use his nose for everything. His favorite greeting to me when I’ve been away (for five minutes, an hour, or a week) is to very intently smell my face to see what I’ve been up to, and whenever he wants anything (attention, to just say hi, or to show me something) he excitedly boops me with his nose.

Dogs are such a blessing and I know that Corey has changed my life for the better and I feel grateful to know that I have been able to give him a safe and happy life. I love him so much and being able to have a reminder of him with me for the rest of my life is so special so thank you for that!


Kirstie added this about her custom dog nose print ring:

I am so grateful for your work and talent, to be able to have such a beautiful lifelong piece with such important meaning is truly the best! And connecting and creating a community of animal lovers is such a joy!


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