Care instructions

All Blackbird and Bones jewellery is made using solid sterling silver and gold. 

With the correct care your Blackbird and Bones piece will last a lifetime To help ensure you jewellery remains in shiny and excellent condition, please follow the following instructions:


- Keep your cherished jewellery safe while taking a dip. Chlorine and salt water can tarnish and dull your special pieces over time. Humidity can also dull sterling silver! Easy to clean off so never fear. 

- When handling cleaning products, cosmetics or body lotions, it's best to remove rings to keep the surface nice and sparkling.

- To bring the sparkle back to your jewellery, a commercial jewellery dip cleaning solution will do the trick or you can google "bi-carb and foil jewellery cleaning" for a super easy method to get your pieces back to looking brand new.