How does the process work from start to finish?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Your kit will generally be sent out via express post (within Australia)  in 1 - 2 business days. The imprint kit contains jewellers wax (two wax samples per piece), instructions and a return mail bag (Aus & NZ customers only)

When the wax samples have been returned to me, another confirmation email is sent to advise that the wax has been received and can progress to the casting stage.

I do my best to complete your jewellery in 21 business days. If for any reason the timeline is not able to be met, I will be in contact with you to discuss this.

I can't see a print, can you still use it?

If you're worried about the detail of the print, please feel free to send me a photo and we can chat about it. It can be quite hard to picture how the wax will look when cast in metal, but the details and textures translate really beautifully into metal. Please trust the process! 

I can't seem to get a good print, what am I doing wrong?

The warmer the wax, the easier it will be to get a good print. Make sure the wax is warmed through and you can squish it really easily. Always be mindful of the temperature and your pup's nose is sensitive! Speaking of noses, your dog's nose must be dry to have the texture transfer. Keep a cloth or paper towel handy and wipe their nose before each attempt.

What happens after I send the wax back to you? 

If you have purchased a pendant, I trim and tidy the wax into a circular shape and attach the loop (bail) to the top of the pendant so it can be attached to the chain. The back of the pendant is smoothed out and prepped for the hallmark stamp, complimentary initial carving if you specify or laser engraving. 

If you purchased a signet ring, I email you with a photo of the design once it has been waxed up into the prototype. Upon your approval, it then heads off to the casting house.

I complete the final steps of filing, sanding polishing and packaging and your piece is sent to you with a new tracking number which is emailed to you.

Can I make another pendant or ring from the same wax?

No as the wax is burned away during the casting process. I keep one of the two wax samples you send to me (per pendant/ring) so you can opt to have another pendant/ring made from the remaining sample at any time. We can discuss making a master mould of your piece as well.

Can this be done with a cat's nose? 

Absolutely. Pretty much anything can be printed into wax. Paw prints, fingerprints (above two years old as babies up to two years don't have defined prints). 

My dog doesn't have long left, how can I get a print/the kit won't arrive in time?

I'm sorry to hear this one each time I get a message like this :( please email me and I can advise you how best to proceed. Air dried clay is a great option to get some prints but please ensure you take a few and they are kept dry and clean while they harden. This process requires a silicon mold to be made from the clay print which can lengthen the turn around time and also will incur additional fees. 

How long does the wax take to get back to you from the US/UK/EU? 

As my international customers are responsible for returning the wax via their preferred mail carrier, I am not sure of the timeframes or costs involved, sorry! 

I don't know my ring size, can I still order? 

Yes, please select "Free size" as your option and I will send a ring sizer in the kit. Please email me once you have confirmed your ring size. 

Do you do resizes if my ring is too big/small? 

I am unable to offer complimentary ring sizing so please ensure you correctly measure your size. If you are using the ring sizer provided, please read (on the packaging) how to take your correct size. If you do require a ring resize, there will be a nominal fee of $75 AUD plus shipping costs both ways.

My pendant or ring doesn't look like I imagined, do you do refunds?

If you have any reservations about how the process works or don't feel comfortable leaving the design up to me, please let me know! I want to make your piece the way you like it but please be mindful that due to the completely unique nature of each nose print and the outcome of the wax samples, the designs can end up being somewhat limited. I encourage you to advise me of your design preferences, particularly with the rings. 

Do you offer shipping insurance? 

I do offer the option to upgrade shipping, particularly where sending pieces made from gold or you wish to have insurance for the entire value of your parcel. Australia Post will cover up to $100 AUD in insurance if a parcel is lost or damaged. This is not claimable when a parcel has been stolen.

  • Extra cover costs $0 for the first $100 of cover and $2.50 for each subsequent $100 of cover (above $100 included cover) up to $5000.
  • You must add $2.95 for Signature on Delivery if your item is valued above $500.

I will quote you the additional postage insurance upgrade once your piece has been made and is ready to send. Insurance is recommended but totally optional. 

My parcel has gone missing, can you help me? 

This is unfortunate and I am sorry this has happened. Once the parcel leaves my hands, I am not liable for any loss or damages once it has been passed on to the mailing company. 
Please lodge an enquiry via Australia Post with your tracking number for them to take action. If a parcel is deemed lost/unrecoverable, I will do what is required on my end to ensure that your insurance cover can be claimed. 

Is the wax toxic/harmful to my dog?

The wax is safe for skin to skin (or nose contact) and should be gently heated just enough that it doesn't feel too warm to the touch and therefore too warm for your pet. Blackbird and Bones is not liable for wax that is ingested, or injures your pet in any way.  This has never happened but something I need to disclaim.